Udyamsheel, a leading consulting company envisions promoting entrepreneurship in Nepal, helps individuals and business houses create the value they’re looking for, by delivering quality advisory services.


Udyamsheel is a one stop solution for various advisory services that range from startup to banking for individuals, small & medium enterprises and business houses. Udyamsheel is managed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in banking, accounting, taxation, corporate law and business strategies.


Our capabilities differentiate us. While banking consulting still represents the foundation of Udyamsheel, we continuously work to develop our offering. This enables us to meet client specific demands at an affordable price. Udyamsheel successfully integrates people, knowledge and technology to offer professional consulting services to clients all over the country.


Udyamsheel support the United Nation Global Compact initiative and our code of ethics and business conduct is also based on the ten principles of global compact, which assure our services to meet the international standard. It is the policy of the company to exercise all the reasonable skill and improve the quality in every aspect.

Vision & Mission


Promoting Entrepreneurship


Easy excess in premium quality and affordable advisory services that range from startup to banking for individuals, small & medium enterprises and business houses.

Udyamsheel Values- ETHICAL

Udyamsheel values must be followed by all of our leadership or parties who work for our organization or represent us. Our values represent our commitment to doing the right thing, personally and professionally, and respecting the rights of others.


E - Excellence:

Udyamsheel striving for excellence in all aspects of the consulting , from delivering high-quality services to maintaining strong relationships with clients and focusing on meeting the needs and expectations of clients, and delivering value-added services that contribute to their success.

T - Trust:

Udyamsheel building trust with clients and stakeholders by demonstrating integrity, reliability, and honesty in all business interactions.

H - Honesty:

Udyamsheel operating with honesty and transparency, and adhering to ethical principles and standards.

I - Innovation:

Udyamsheel encouraging creativity and innovation in the delivery of consulting services, to bring new ideas and solutions to clients.

C - Corporate Citizen:

Udyamsheel as a corporate citizen is committed to responsible business practices. We use our expertise for positive impact in society and people by promoting entrepreneurship. We actively support our communities with volunteer efforts, financial contributions and pro bono consulting work.

A - Accountability:

Udyamsheel  taking responsibility for actions and decisions, and being accountable for the outcomes of consulting engagements.

L - Leadership:

Udyamsheel demonstrating leadership in the consulting industry, by setting high standards, providing guidance and mentorship to colleagues, and promoting best practices.